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Hey you - I’m Colin AKA, Dr. Colin, the foot guy. Or, for some reason I still can’t understand, my daughter calls me stinky ponco...

I’m a husband, father, foot specialist of 20 years, author, researcher and opinionated out the wazoo.

I help people get back on their feet. From bad ass Olympians, to octogenarians with arthritis, with the help of my amazing team of foot pros, we’re the ones that get them better. Bold, you bet.

How you ask? We figure out your puzzle. I work in the world of shoes, orthotics, rehab, and range (doesn’t that sound exciting?!). My special ninja skill is find out the things you need, and be your passionate advocate to get them.

Looking for one size catch alls, turn away. You won’t find any “Pronation is all in your hips or everyone needs orthotics” nonsense here. What you will find is a reasoned, holistic, middle ground approach, to your individual situation.

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The Plantar Fasciitis Plan

Grab a Copy of The Plantar Fasciitis Plan on Amazon

Learn how to stay active with plantar fasciitis so you don’t have to spend your life sitting on the sidelines.

“I sincerely feel that this book can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of whether you are struggling with chronic pain or simply want to take better care of your feet. Thank you Colin!”

– Cole McLarty, Pole Vaulter from London, Ontario

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