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We want to keep the conversation going, and once you’re better, see you out enjoying the things that keep you healthy and happy.
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Once you’re pain free and back to the things you want to be doing, we’ll keep in touch and every 6 months send a short email with tips about how to prevent your particular injury from returning. It can be as simple as reminders on stretching, info about the latest running shoe, or videos from our specialists.
In the past I have had several different types of orthotics made by several different companies (11 in total ). In every single office not once was I contacted, invited or asked to keep in touch and let them know how the new orthotics were helping with my multiple foot issues. SoleScience not only asked me to stay in touch with their offices, they keep in touch following up with how I was doing. This not only shows that SoleScience is genuine in their desire to provide clients with the best possible outcome, but that they continue to want the best possible outcome.

Tony Caperchione

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