Foot And Ankle Care Team (FACT)

Providing timely access to diagnosis and treatment of common foot, ankle, and lower extremity disorders.

Together with Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, the combination of Medical, Pedorthic and Movement Management will provide care to common foot and ankle disorders.

Our Team Goal

Treatment of common issues such as osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, Adult Acquired Flat Foot disorder and Achilles Tendonitis, with a strong focus on strategies that can keep patients active throughout the treatment of their injury.

Services Offered

Medical – Diagnosis, injections, imaging, medications, planning, WSIB, ODSP reviewing, prescription, education

Pedorthic – Footwear, custom and off-the-shelf orthotics, compression, movement, education

Movement – Moving pain free, strategies to stay active while healing

ReCalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis

Have you been treating Plantar Fascittis for more than 1 year without results? Are you struggling to work and stay active?

The Foot and Ankle Care Team can help.

The FACT Team

Dr. Lisa K Fischer

BScPT, MD, CCFP (SEM), FCFP, Dip Sport Med. Sport and
Exercise Medicine Physician

Dr. Lisa Fischer is a sport and exercise medicine physician with over 30 years of experience. She has worked with the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine clinic providing expert clinical care to keep of all ages and abilities with the goal of keeping people active. She has been actively involved with teaching and research at Western University and held the position of director of SEM at FKSMC for 15 years. Dr. Fischer has been involved in numerous professional SEM organizations and was president of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and a consultant in competency for the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Her leadership was key in having SEM recognized as an area of special competency in Canada.

Dr. Colin Dombroski

PhD, C. Ped(C) Canadian Certifed Pedorthist

Nathan Stewart

C.PEd(C), CSCS-sp Certified Strength and Conditioning in Special Populations

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