Congratulations on taking the first step toward recovery.

I’d like to let you know about a special call that I offer to many people who have read the book and who are looking for the quickest way to end their foot pain once and for all.
  • Would you like to speed up your recovery time and prevent future lapses?
  • Would you like to ensure that you identify and treat the source of your pain to prevent possible complications down the road?
  • Would you like to get back to doing the things you love? Chasing your kids. Walking your dog. Running your first (or forty-second) kilometre. Or simply not having to limp your way through another day of work…
If you answered yes to these questions, I would like to personally invite you to have a call or video chat with me that is designed to get you back on your feet quickly.
The Plantar Fasciitis Plan Book cover

Give me just 45 minutes and I’ll give you a better tomorrow morning.

Colin from SoleScience - Certified Pedorthists

Dr. Colin Dombroski,
PhD Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Each Call includes:

A Thorough Review:

We’ll go over your personal history, past rehab attempts, footwear and activity. In 45 minutes, we’ll know why your feet feel sore. ($150 value)

A Custom Plan:

I will customize the way you should implement the steps in the book to best suit your needs and situation, with an attention to keeping you active

Yes, Please Claim My Call for Only $97*