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Comfortable Orthotics, Made in Days, That Last for Years. Guaranteed!

Our Commitment to Your Comfort

No one likes an orthotic that’s too hard or, worse, uncomfortable. We’ve all heard a horror story of someone that hated a pair of orthotics that wound up in the closet, never to be worn again.

We can never guarantee a medical outcome but when you work with us, our goal is to get you back on your feet in comfortable orthotics – made in days – that last for years.

What is comfort? Well, that’s up to you! For some, it’s pillow-like softness, while for others it’s like a hard orthopaedic mattress. We might be the orthotic experts but you’re the expert in how it feels on your foot.

If you don’t 100% LOVE your SoleScience orthotics, we’ll happily adjust them at no charge. If we’ve tried a few times and it’s still not working, we’ll even remake it. In the extremely rare situation where it’s just not a match for you, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase with zero hassle.

Proudly Producing Custom Hand Made Foot Orthotics in London, Ontario

How Do We Do It?

We'll Listen

No one knows what you are experiencing better than you do. We want to hear your side of what’s going on. When are you noticing your pain? What eases it? How long has it been going on?

We’ll Observe

It’s extremely important that we watch how you move. Noticing how your feet contact the ground. How your weight changes as you walk. We’ll be as thorough as possible.

We'll Recommend

We’ll give you our honest, professional opinion, on what might work best for you. We’ll talk about orthotics, footwear, socks, activity modification, exercises, and anything else that might help you get back on your feet.

We'll Follow Up

We don’t want you to feel alone on the road to recovery. We’ll check in and see how the process is going and address any of your concerns. We are here to help you achieve your activity goals!

Let's Get You Comfortable!

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