At SoleScience we’re devoted to restoring your ability through our professional pedorthic services. The team of clinician researchers at SoleScience are industry leaders, utilizing the most advanced equipment and treatment techniques in the world

Since 2002 we’ve helped over 20,000 clients across Southwestern Ontario. The team at SoleScience includes some of the top experts in the field of pedorthics, kinesiology, running injury prevention, cycling, orthotic manufacturing, and diabetic foot care. Our team of Canadian board-certified pedorthists raise the educational bar by possessing or working toward a graduate degree. We’ve given countless lectures, published many articles, and we’ve helped tens of thousands of people, from professional athletes to recreational exercisers. If you’re looking for custom made foot orthotics from London to Toronto Ontario, come experience the SoleScience difference.

About SoleScience

The Orthotic Experts

Custom Foot Orthotics- Made by the Experts!
The team of clinician researchers at SoleScience are the orthotic experts in design, manufacturing, and dispensing of these devices. Too many providers (physiotherapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, and many others) with little to no training might call themselves experts, but beware- Poorly made devices masquerading as custom devices can, in fact, hurt you. Please see our 4 tips below about the orthotic industry and to safeguard yourself when purchasing orthoses Learn More

Do you need Orthotics?

Our ethical provision model looks at needing orthotics in two ways:
1. Your individual biomechancis are causing your pain and disfunction.
2. Your individual biomechancis are keep you from healing from an injury.
We use a variety of treatment options for either scenario.
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Footwear Education

Ever stand infornt of a wall of shoes at a store and wonder which one is right for you? Size, length, width and arch length all contribute to fit and comfort and performance. Shoes that are too short can lead to black toenails, blisters and pain due to mechanical pressure. Shoes with too much room will lead to blistering, tripping and poor control and support for your feet. Shoes that are too narrow can lead to pain from pressure and to numb toes. With the wrong arch length, your shoes won’t match the flex point of your feet and your feet will have to work overtime to propel you forward. All these factors can predispose you to injury. Here are 5 basic steps to guide your footwear selection.
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3D GAiT Testing

SoleScience has developed a method of objective assessment called the GAiT Profile- Gait Analysis and Individual Testing. We’ll take measurements using equipment usually reserved for high level university research labs. We use 3 dimensional motion capture combined with software developed by the University of Calgary’s Running Injury Clinic which allows us to gain a perspective on your individual gait and running style. Combine 3D motion capture with pressure analysis, foot classification, footwear analysis, muscular strength and flexibility and you have a fully personalized easy to understand GAiT Profile Learn about GAIT

Do I have to be an athlete?

No! Our goal is to restore your ability, whatever that might be.

I have been wearing orthotics for more than 30 years. The orthotics that were designed and constructed for me by my pedorthist, are, quite simply, the best that I have ever had. The exercises suggested have also been extremely helpful.

Richard Goffin, 2013

Where does it hurt?

Have you already been diagnosed with a foot or lower extremity injury or have a new ache or pain? Click here below to use our injury locator. Find out useful information on your injury, gain tips on rehab and how SoleScience can help.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom made foot orthotic: Are made from a 3 dimensional cast of your foot. The goal of custom made foot orthoses is to reduce the demand on your feet. Every pathology is different, and therefore the orthoses work to reduce stress and strain on bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and or musculature. Using our highly specialized manufacturing facility, SoleScience will have your custom orthoses to you in 3-4 days.
Off-the-shelf Orthotics

Off-the-shelf orthoses: Are pre-made to fit an “average” type of foot. These devices range from flat cushioned insoles to firm supportive devices. Typically, off-the-shelf orthoses last for about 6 months depending on weight and activity. If you’re acutely injured, do not have significant deformity (very high or low arch), are not a diabetic, and are not overweight, these devices may work well
Footwear Education

Are you wearing the correct type of footwear for your foot type and activity?  Injury can arise from poorly fit footwear, footwear improperly matched to activity, and improperly matched to your individual biomechanics.  Learn more about the different types of shoes, and how it get the proper fit.

Our take on the need for orthotics

Today you hear all kinds of opinions on the need for orthotics. Make sense of the noise by reading about our view here: